Following the implementation of containment and telecommuting procedures for our staff, we ask you to give maximum priority to e-mail contacts if you wish to communicate with us.


The information below is given as of 06/05/20 and is subject to change at any time depending on the health situation and the government measures in place.
Following the Order of 15 March 2020 supplementing the Order of 14 March 2020 on various measures to combat the spread of the covid-19
The Minister of Solidarity and Health says:
"Art. 1 - I. - In order to slow down the spread of the covid-19 virus, the establishments in the categories mentioned in Article GN1 of the aforementioned order of 25 June 1980 mentioned below can no longer receive the public until 15 April 2020:
"under category L: Rooms for hearings, conferences, meetings, shows or multiple use;
"under category M: Sales shops and shopping centres, except for their delivery and order withdrawal activities;
"under category N: Restaurants and public houses, except for their delivery and take-away activities, room service in hotel restaurants and bars and contract catering;
" - under category P: Dance halls and games rooms;
" - under category S: Libraries, documentation centres;
"under category T: Exhibition halls;
"under category X: Covered sports facilities;
" - under category Y: Museums;
" - under category CTS: Tents, marquees and structures;
" - under category PA: Outdoor facilities;
This order was extended until 31.05.20 for the outdoor hotel industry. We are therefore forced to close our campsite until at least 31/05/20.

This is a measure of administrative closure which in no way engages our responsibility for the sums already paid. Nevertheless, being aware of the very particular situation represented by this epidemic of COVID-19, we have put in place a procedure for the systematic deferral of the sums paid for a future stay in 2020 or 2021.

If you wish to obtain a refund and you have subsribed to a stay between the 04/04/20 and the 31/05/20 with cancellation insurance, please pay the full cost of your stay and then inform us in writing so that we can forward your file to the insurance company.

On the other hand, if you have not subscribed to the cancellation insurance and you have only paid the deposit at this stage, please do not send us the balance of your stay.

Note that stays forecast beyond the 31/05/20 keep still going for now and are not affected by these measures

Of course, we remain at your disposal for any additional request.
We look forward to welcoming you in good health!


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